/* U_T_1 is a unique non-fungible token [NFT] that constantly moves between different wallets on the Tezos blockchain */

What is it ?

Unidentified_Token_1 is a unique and special NFT represented by a digital image that moves from wallet to wallet at the rate of one movement per hour on the Tezos blockchain on average. Its movement speed varies according to the cryptocurrency price of Tezos (TXZ). No one can own this NFT. This NFT is not for sale. Nobody can see this NFT directly. It is not available on sales platforms. The only way to interact with him is to see it to pass in your wallet. For this you need to register on the collectors list or to be very very patient.

U-T_1 is a blockchain explorer. This NFT travels through the space-time of the blockchain like an unattached object. If no one offers their wallet to receive it, the object takes a random direction towards an unknown wallet.

It is a technical and singular object in the blockchain. it does not correspond to the known forms of consumer objects such as NFTs. It's a stealth object in a numerical environment, it escapes the rule of collectibles by its mechanics of perpetual motion like a living object. It's a (un)collectible that you can't own, not even its creators. By its perpetual shifts in the register of blocks, the image that composes it remains a mystery for many people. His movements make it hard to see.
In reality, U_T_1 is like a challenge or a game in the blockchain media around a very exclusive moving image-object. A sort of mythological NFT, a contemporary UFO...

See the trajectory history of U_T_1 in the blockchain

How does U_T_1 work ?

The project works with an NFT FA2 contract for which we have published the rules. In this smart contract there is no administrator, no owner. The object evolves according to a call logic or randomly by moving towards active wallets...


On March 13, 2023 at 8:09 a.m.
U_T_1 is launched in the space-time of the blockchain !

Since its launch U_T_1 has been traveling on the blockchain for

U_T_1 is currently moving at the speed of

Participate to the project

Register the address of your Tezos wallet to have the chance to see the object pass. Automatically and without any action, two new wallet addresses are randomly selected and added each day to the exploratory register of U_T_1.

Once your address is registered in the waiting list, all you have to do is wait and open your wallet and your eyes!

Waiting collectors:

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U_T_1 is considered an ephemeral object and its reality is questionable. if you saw it tell us

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By donating some Tezos you allow U_T_1 to continue on its way, you put gas back in the machine...

U_T_1 is a non-profit project. This traveling NFT exists and continues to evolve solely through our own pecuniary means. Thanks to the donors who allow it to travel ever further.

By giving you not only prolong its existence on the blockchain but you also accelerate the registration of new addresses in its directory and thus its exploration domain.

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The current fuel level of U_T_1 is

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